By: Vaimoana Tapaleao

Dilworth students perform a rousing haka. Photo / via video

Senior students at Dilworth School paid tribute to their friend, as well as another friend whose brother had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

That boy’s brother – understood to also be a senior student at the school – would lose his battle the day after the ball.

In a video posted online by NZDJ: Premier DJ Entertainment, dozens of students gather together as they begin their haka, as two pupils watch on.

As more students join and their voices get louder and stronger, one of the boys breaks down; no doubt touched by the sense of brotherhood.

The other student puts his arm around him, comforting his mate.

The boys are eventually engulfed in hugs as the haka ends and music begins to play.

NZDJ staff said it was an amazing thing to witness.

“A truly powerful and moving moment.”

Source: NZ Herald


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