Her department largely deals with businesses that are in financial difficulty, which involves anything from performing a review of a company’s business plan to administering a receivership or liquidation. As an associate, Rose loves being involved in each stage of a job or project from the beginning to the end.

“Being a part of the whole process, instead of just doing one aspect of a job, or reviewing one part of a business, means that I get to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I enjoy being able to see the results of the work that I do – it’s very rewarding to finish a job knowing you got the best outcome for your client.”

Because there are a wide range of issues Rose and her colleagues deal with, she needs to have problem solving, investigative, and time management skills, as well as accounting and legal knowledge – things she learnt through her Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts conjoint degree. That was only one way into her career, as she says other members of her team have finance, accounting, or law degrees – skills that complement each other.

Rose wants more people to know that restructuring isn’t just about crunching numbers and looking at the bottom line. She says while the accounting side of things is very important, it is also all about dealing with people.

“We deal with directors, employees, and other stakeholders in high stress situations, and being able to listen, empathise, negotiate, and take the time to talk through the major issues with people will often result in the best outcome for the business. For example, if you need to continue trading a company in receivership, it is important that everybody involved is on the same page and communicating with you and with each other.”

With every day offering a new issue or challenge to work through, Rose finds she is never bored and her role at PWC has given her a wide range of experience in the world of business.

“It’s all about making the most of the opportunities you’re given; your career is what you make it. My team is all about adding value to our clients, by talking and working alongside them. Just as important as good grades is the ability to build relationships and work well with others – people that are well-rounded, able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, see the bigger picture, and quickly identify major issues.”


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