And yes, it’s only been a few weeks since it was released/unleashed upon your poor parental soul. It may feel like longer if you are constantly at the nagging mercy of your children who want you to drive them round the entire Bay looking for these little blighters!

I’m actually a fan of Pokemon Go. Not because I play it (I don’t). I actually resisted the embarrassingly-strong urge to join the Pokemon Go walking/hunting bus.

If you’re of the belief that kids/adults should get outside and do some physical activity that doesn’t involve them being glued to their phone while hunting an imaginary pocket monster, you might be living a life of quiet desperation.

I agree that it’s a bit sad that the only way some parents can get their kids off the couch and outside is to take the iPad with them, but it’s also a reality. I remember when I was a kid and my grandparents couldn’t believe that we watched videos on the VCR. Every generation has something that the previous generation thinks is ‘bad’ for them, or makes them more lazy/less social.

But that’s just it; the only constant is change. If you have a problem with Pokemon Go and people doing that for exercise and entertainment, then the problem is actually with you, not them. You need to move with the times. I’m telling myself the same thing!

The thing that I find abhorrent is people making derogatory comments about those who play. Saying people who play aren’t welcome in their establishment. Then having the gall to say ‘it was a marketing ploy’. I thought marketing was getting people to think you’re a business that accepts all types of people. Telling people to ‘grow up’ using that language isn’t exactly a mark of maturity.

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Source: Bay of Plenty Times


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