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Clients can be unpredictable in any business, but when you’re facing hundreds of international travellers entering the country every day, it’s a given.
Keeping a hissing cheetah at bay with a broom and having your truck attacked by hungry lions may seem like one big nightmare to some people, but to Toby Johnson, it’s all part of his dream job.
As someone who has always been passionate about standing up for things and helping to make change, Richard Hills decided to stand for his local community board at the age of 24.

A caring hand

Lisa Farrell has been a aged care assistant on and off for 20 years and although she started off thinking it was just another job, it has now become a passion.

Volunteer warrior

Tane Lambie-Harrison has always enjoyed going out of his way and his comfort zone to help others in need.
Wellington Free Ambulance paramedic Riley Hemson is relatively new to the world of paramedicine but already knows it’s a profession that she wants to continue in for the rest of her life.


How to become a midwife

Do you want to make a contribution to the community and start a career in midwifery? Here’s what you need to know about how to become a midwife.

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