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Taryn Woodham graduated as a teacher more than 12 years ago, but life took her in other directions. It wasn’t until two years ago that she “came a full circle” and began working as a primary school teacher in Christchurch.

A passion for food

Avril Grant’s foodie career path started out in delicatessens. She got her “lucky break” when she landed a job with Ruth Pretty Catering and over the next 13 and a half years Ruth Pretty taught Avril everything she needed to know to be a chef.
Except for previous experience in the community, 28-year-old Leti Fatu had no formal qualifications when she began work as a caregiver at Te Hopai Home and Hospital in Wellington in 2004.
Jordan Goss graduated from Weltec this year, and he has been working in the funeral services industry as an embalmer at Harbour City Funeral Home for the past couple of years.
Schnell Lemon’s early life experiences led directly to her career as a youth worker. She said she was a “disengaged teenager” and that she thought she “knew everything there was to know in life”.
Kendall Cousins works for the Ministry of Education as a Speech-Language Therapist – a role that involves working with young people aged 0-21 years to help develop their communication skills.
For more than 20 years, Gaylene Rogers has proudly donned the blue uniform of the New Zealand Police Force and there is not much that she hasn’t done during those two decades.
Joining the fire service wasn’t something that Andrew Walker had ever really considered, but after hearing a radio ad for recruits that sparked his interest one night after work, he applied the next day and hasn’t looked back since.
Offering counsel to those in need is something Richard Carr has always had a passion for.
For 22-year-old lifeguard Naomi Darvill, switching back and forth between hemispheres to follow a constant summer is what she lives for. Many other people live because of what she does too – saving others is all part of her job.


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