I myself have even been bullied, however, I never really knew how to deal with it. It is a fact that every day, someone is getting bullied, which is deeply saddening. But it doesn’t mean that they truly have to suffer through it. There are so many ways on how to fight back against the emotions bullying may cause you or even the bully themselves. Here are five methods on how to deal with bullying that I have gathered from asking others on how they dealt with it.

Talk To An Adult (e.g. Teacher, Parent, Counsellor)

We are very lucky in this day and age that bullying has been taken more seriously than it used to be, meaning we have our teachers and school counsellors aware that bullying exists and is harmful to people’s health. Talking to an adult may just give you the safety and sense of security you need from the bullying.

Ignore It

As hard as it is to ignore it, it is one of the most effective ways of dealing with bullying. The bully always just wants a reaction from you, they want you to get upset and mad. However, showing no emotion or even smiling at them may just be the way to get them to stop as they are not getting what they want from you anymore.

Tune It Out With Music

Music is wondrous; it can impact our emotions in such powerful ways. Some music leaves us energised and productive, other music leaves us feeling limitless and free. No matter what genre of music it is, as long as it helps you deal with the terrible things people throw at you, listen to it. I personally listen to indie music.

Cry It Out

There is no shame in crying out your emotions, sometimes they just become too much to keep in, but that’s okay because we are only human and humans are flawed, we aren’t perfect like society wants us to be. However, if this is your way, I do recommend having someone you trust with you, it always feels better when you have someone there to help you back up from the sadness.

Have Alone time

Having alone time is something I value, but it may not be for everyone. Sometimes being around people can be so exhausting and leave you no time to sort out what goes through your head. Having alone time may just help you deal with your emotions and thoughts.

If you suffer from bullying in all terms, I strongly encourage seeking out a friend or an adult to just be able to talk to or maybe help deal with the issue.

In all honesty, bullying is one of the toughest things to face in life, but I believe by using some or all of the above coping mechanisms, you can become stronger and get through the bad times. They sure have helped me!



Albion Haines 2Author: Albion Haines

My name is Albion Haines, I am a 16 year old transgender male who is studying NCEA level 2 at the wonderful tertiary school, Capital Training. I really enjoy writing fictional stories, the creativeness I can throw into them is so much fun and I have so many ideas for short stories and possible books. I specifically like writing the genres Sci-fi, Crime and Gay Literature. Lately however I have been trying my hand at writing news reports of current world wide events and movie/tv show reviews. I am quite invested in the LGBTQ+ community as I am a gay transmale who wants to inspire others to not fear being who they are. I love learning about who people are and how they got through the struggles of being apart of this community. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who struggled, as bad as they may sound. Last but not least, I really love animals! I have a 2 year old black and white fluffy cat named Loki who I adore so much. I cherish animals to the point where I could possibly enjoy their company more than some human beings.


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