Therefore, though it may not fit with my existing pieces, I’ve decided to dedicate this piece to providing a review (or more accurately, recommendation) of the TV show, Broad City. The show premiered in 2014 and has since produced three seasons, with fans eagerly anticipating a fourth.

During this short period of time, the show’s popularity has grown rapidly, particularly among younger generations. For those of you who are not familiar with it, the show is a comedy that follows the lives of best friends, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and their ability to make the most basic of tasks and events hysterically funny.

A personal favorite is when Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removed and under Ilana’s watch, accidentally manages to consume a double dosage of her antibiotics, alongside liquefied weed edibles – causing her to wander the streets of New York City in a hallucinated daze, thinking that she is being guided by a life sized soft toy that can talk to her. However, such a description obviously doesn’t do the episode justice because you’ve got to witness it in order to understand just how funny it is.

Anyway, the two appear to live relatively standard lives – working in mediocre jobs, living with sh*tty flat mates and having an absent love life. Therefore, audiences feel a sense of relatability to the characters as they don’t live the seemingly perfect lifestyles that are seen in many other shows. However, they are so enthralled by their friendship, and the escapades it takes them on, that they aren’t even remotely set back by these circumstances.

It is largely for this reason that the show has done so well. While previous female orientated shows have been driven by the highs and lows of the protagonists love life, Broad City is driven by the casual sex, weed induced friendship of two very lovable characters. Therefore, in a somewhat unconventional way, the show has quite feminist undertones and messages – promoting the value of female friendship over the Cinderella love story.

For instance, Abbi was quoted in an interview saying, ‘If you watch one of our episodes, there’s not a big message, but if you watch them all I think they’re empowering to women’ – which is a perfect way to summarize it.

Furthermore, I think that the show’s success can also be attributed to the fact that they are incredibly strong characters that complement one another so well. While I’m constantly torn between which character is my favorite, I can never come up with an answer because ultimately they’re as great as each other and come as a package deal. Additionally, it seems to be a recurring question among those who watch the show, which character are you?

Though I’ve never come up with a definitive answer for which character I am best suited to, it would be impossible to not take either answer as a compliment.

As I’m sure this brief review has illustrated, I couldn’t recommend Broad City enough. It’s the perfect show when in need of comedic relief – whether you watch a single episode, or an entire season in one sitting.




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