Despite this, I came to a realization the other day that I knew nowhere near as much as I should do beyond the fact that as a country, the US are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate this piece to providing a general overview of the election thus far and reviewing how they arrived at their current situation.

The first key series of events was seen in the process of nominating a presidential candidate from each party – the Democrats and the Republicans. This process involved a series of vigorous campaigns fronted by multiple prospective candidates.

The most notable of which in regards to the Democratic Party included Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, and Hillary Clinton, a neo-liberalist. Though Clinton was widely regarded as being the main contender for the party, Sanders successfully managed to keep her on her toes by addressing social issues that her center left political stance didn’t allow for – which consequently evoked strong enthusiasm from his supporters.

However, despite this, Clinton consistently led the national polls, meaning that in early June she reached the minimum amount of delegates required to win the Democratic nomination, and in late July she became the first female presidential candidate in US history. Since then, Sanders has pledged his support for Clinton as a means of ensuring that the Republican Party doesn’t succeed.

In regards to the prospective candidates of the Republicans the main contention was between Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the beloved Donald Trump, due to many others dropping out of the race. At this point the sad reality that Trump’s campaign wasn’t a joke became abundantly clear. But surely he wouldn’t be successful, right? Initially it seemed this way as both Cruz and Kasich campaigned against him.

However, he steadily found himself winning victories in major states such as New York and in due course overtaking the remaining two candidates in the polls. As a result, in late April they announced that they would combine forces to ensure that Trump couldn’t meet the required number of delegates to become the Republican candidate. Though this seemed like a plausible solution, Trump continued to lead in the polls and they subsequently withdrew themselves from the race – which meant that he became the official Republican presidential candidate.

So what do Clinton and Trump promote that has enabled them to get this far you may ask? Well I think it is possible to turn to their campaign slogans to obtain an indirect insight into this. For instance, Clinton has two slogans, including ‘I’m with Her’, and ‘Stronger Together’. The former is said to double up as both a gunshot towards her male competitors, Sanders and Trump, but also a feminist message, as she is an activist for the rights of women.

Whereas, the latter slogan strategically seeks to bind people together, particularly those from oppressed parties, by suggesting that under Clinton’s presidency everyone will benefit and be on a more level playing field.

Conversely, Trump’s infamous slogan has been, ‘Make America Great Again’, which also very accurately reflects what his campaign stands for. This is because of the fact that it taps into the notion of needing to get back to ‘the good old days’, where America was led by the Republican Party – thus suggesting that the Democratic Party has led America into a state of loss.

Since being nominated, both Clinton and Trump have steadily continued campaigning for the election. The key remaining events include the first of the presidential debates which is to be held in late September, with the remaining two being spread across October. Finally, the official election day is scheduled for the 8th of November, which leaves roughly three months for further campaigning. Although I’m bias in saying that Sanders was the best candidate, I think that it’ll be very interesting to watch the state of the US over the next four years, regardless of who becomes the next President.



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