Given all of today’s technology, kids are often found tapping away on their smartphones, but thanks to the Pokemon GO craze, now they’re running around all over the place seeking an imaginary character in a real-life gaming field.

Younger parents may remember playing Pokemon as a child themselves when it was a card game shared by youngsters back in the nineties. But thanks to the internet, the “GO” version of this popular game surpassed 10 million downloads in just one week. Aside from the possibility of kids being injured while not paying attention to their surroundings while playing, many parents are worried about their safety and may not understand all the dangers involved.

Stranger Danger

Our parents may have told us never to take candy from a stranger and now this has escalated into not letting someone you don’t know offer to help you play Pokemon The same rules apply for an unsavoury character offering a child to play with a puppy as do for a stranger wanting to help a kid find an imaginary “pocket monster.” Since the majority of people playing this popular game are children, this gives predators and paedophiles an unfair advantage in tracking today’s kids.

Pokemon STOP

There have also been some extremely inappropriate places where Pokemon characters have been found by some users. In a recent Mashable article, they list some spots where children should not be searching when locating their Pokemon friends, like:

  • A sexually explicit nightclub in Seattle
  • A Hell’s Angels motorcycle club
  • At a crime scene
  • In cemeteries and near gravestones

Check out this infographic on “Pokemon GO For Parents: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” See if you’re missing something when it comes to safety and playing Pokemon


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