Good2Great is the first tool of its kind in the world and has been designed by Youthline. It is funded by Coca-Cola and focuses on building leadership skills, self confidence and resilience in young people so they can better cope in times of stress.

Youthline’s research, The state of the Generation, identified stress as the most significant issue facing young people aged between 16 and 24. Embarrassment was the biggest barrier to seeking help, making youth more likely to source information or help online while staying anonymous.

Youthline Palmerston North manager Brian Devonshire says it’s vital young people have a place they can call on, without fear of being exposed.

“Youth are more and more using technology as their main communication too. It’s important we provide them every avenue of access to our services.”

“It’s easy to think youth are not dealing with the kinds of stresses adults face but, the truth is, they’re facing stressful situations on a daily basis. When they contact us we talk through their current mindset or situation and help them to find their strengths.”

The Good2Great app will help users learn a range of skills, including managing stress, how to listen and support your friends, how to look after and stand up for yourself and how to take charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

This will run alongside nationwide weekend workshops which encourage leadership and personal development.

“Good2Great is a chance to run through real-life scenarios and think through how you would cope or manage each situation,” Youthline counsellor Nadine Richardson said. “Doing this in your own time means when there’s a real-life situation, you’ve already figured out how you would deal with it.”

The Palmerston North Workshop is on June 10-11 and the local team are hoping musician and Good2Great ambassador Stan Walker will make an appearance.



By Karla Karaitiana
SOURCE: NZ Herald/Manawatu Guardian


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