But once he returns home to New Zealand, it’s all about the long-term career plan – a senior shepherding job and then moving into a farm management role – all while finishing his studies with a Diploma in Agriculture.

“My last qualification that I received was my level 4 Certificate in Production Management in Sheep and Beef Farming from Primary ITO, and my daily farm work/job responsibilities are then a good way to put in to practice things I have learned in theory and relating them to a ‘real world’ scenario.”

Not entirely sure what made him choose farming for a career, Jordan is certainly glad he has done so now. Especially since last year, when he won the 2013 Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer of the Year Award!

Enjoying being outdoors, working with animals, and doing practical work – like fencing – means at the end of each day Jordan gets to see what he has accomplished. He also finds the lifestyle that farming offers is unlike any other and that he has been able to prove people wrong who had been a little negative about his choice.

“When I first decided I wanted to be a farmer, I got a very negative response that it was a job for people with no skills, that it wouldn’t take me anywhere, and I would never earn much money. So far, I’ve found all these things are not true at all. In fact, it is just the opposite.

“It was always seen at school, especially, that agriculture was a subject to take to mess around, an easy subject, but as my studies and career have developed, I have seen first-hand that is not the case.”

Jordan says that having the chance to get a few qualifications under his belt has been a great opportunity and it has also been the perfect chance to meet and network with other people who have chosen the same career path. But most of all, Jordan has found learning the reasons behind farm practices is very satisfying.

“For those wanting a career in the agriculture sector, I would say get stuck in, and while it isn’t always easy learning new things, and there might be a few challenges along the way, if you have a positive attitude, then nothing is ever to hard or great to overcome and achieve.”



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