“From the outside, radio seems like a pretty enjoyable job, but I can tell you from the inside, it is a thousand times more fun than I could express on a piece of paper. That doesn’t mean it’s all games, though. Sometimes stuff gets serious and it’s not all laughs, although that’s probably about two per cent of the time.”

So how did Alex get his hands on such an amazing job? During high school, he took part in a Gateway programme, as well as media studies, then Gateway placed him at The Radio Network (TRN) and the rest, as they say, is history!

“For my entire sixth form year, I spent time each week out of class at TRN learning the ropes and growing my love for radio. My high school was really supportive of what I was doing and my passions.”

Quickly learning that effective communication is vital to maintaining good relationships and performing above the standards his boss sets, Alex says that keeping people on your side is key. But at the end of the day, having a passion for radio is the main ingredient.

“I love the way radio is so immediate and intimate, when something happens – the first thing people do is go to their radio. You don’t need to wait for someone to film something, take a picture and upload it, or write a story – you can literally just turn on a microphone and talk to thousands of people. I also love sharing ideas and making things happen!

“Being able to work with people that I grew up listening to and the rest of the team that are so happy, funny, and energetic every day is also incredible.”

So if this sounds like the career for you, Alex has two words of advice – get involved. Pester radio stations for work experience, gain as much as you can from those opportunities, and build relationships with those around you.

“Also, most people at my work, including my boss, went to CPIT in Christchurch and did a Bachelor of Broadcasting. If you’re going to study, that’s what everyone recommends!”


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