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25 things more satisfying than fidget spinners

There is nothing more rewarding than holding a fidget spinner and flicking it till it spins smoothly in your hand. Or is there?


Well, yes, actually, there is. There are heaps of activities that are even more satisfying than fidget spinners, and you probably have most of the elements at home already.

1. Sharpening pencils.

A manual sharpener is pleasant. An electric sharpener is sublime.


2. Detangling jewellery.

It is deeply absorbing when you’re trying, and absolutely exhilarating when you’ve succeeded.

3. Dropping a Berocca into a glass of water.

That fizz is heaven.

4. Stapling pages together.

And if you don’t need the pages stapled together, you can unpick them. That’s satisfying too.

5. Sneezing.

Need I say more?

6. Tearing up junk mail.

This is excellent on both the physical and spiritual levels.

7. Plucking stray hairs.

From your eyebrows. From your bikini line. From your chin. From other people’s chins. Anywhere, really.

8. De-pilling a woollen jumper.

Just be careful you don’t get carried away and leave holes.

9. Pounding schnitzels before crumbing.

It’s stress relief and cooking, all in one!

10. Lighting candles.

Sometimes it’s even worth blowing them out just to light them again.

11. Shelling an egg in one go.

So rare. So satisfying.


12. Deleting emails.

And then emptying your Deleted file. Ecstasy.

13. Peeling off a nose pore strip.

And then examining all the goop that came out of your face.

14. Twirling a pen around your finger.

It’s tricky, but it’s a skill worth mastering.

15. Mashing potatoes.

Squishing spuds is as soothing as eating them.

16. Peeling off nail polish.

It may be bad for the nails, but it is excellent for the soul.

17. Swiping left on Tinder.

Bonus satisfaction when you swipe left on men posing with a motorbike or sedated tiger.

18. Shaking the sugar packets.

Because god forbid you leave some grains behind when you tip them into your tea.

19. Exfoliating your feet.

Watching the flakes of dead skin fall to the floor is pure bliss.

20. Doing a perfect reverse park.

Even better when someone else is watching.

21. Cutting a child’s nails.

The nails may be tiny but the sense of fulfilment is great.

22. Drinking out of the perfect mug.

We all have one. The perfect thickness. The perfect depth. The perfect weight. The perfect drink.

23. Crushing a can.

With fists is good. With feet is better.


24. Using a spirit level.

Getting to that perfect straight line is weirdly rewarding.

25. Cleaning your ears with a cotton bud.

Undoubtedly the greatest feeling in the world.


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