10 Study Tricks of Straight ‘A’ Students


In summary:

  1. Sit at the front of class –he first two rows do 30% better on exams
  2. Get organised – use binders, bullet journals, agendas etc.
  3. The old fashioned way – writing by hand actives more areas of the brain!
  4. Get to know your teacher – it will make you want to ‘not let them down’
  5. Network – students will help other students
  6. Be willing to make sacrifices – learn to say NO – make smart choices
  7. Decode your teacher’s cures – pick up on vocal /behavioural signals
  8. The active study guide – fill it out every week and keep going back to it
  9. What you give is what you get – you have to work for what you want
  10. To study like a boss you must first treat your studies like your job!



ana-mascaraAuthor: Ana Mascara

Making videos for students of all ages and all fields of study. Because everyone knows what needs to be done to get those high grades, but few actually know how. I started this channel because there was nobody there to teach me how to take notes, how to study for multiple choice exams, how to summarize or how to manage my time efficiently. I had to learn those things by myself, and now I am sharing it all with you.

Everybody wears a mask, but on my channel you don’t have to. Open up, tell us about YOUR study habits and tricks so that we can all grow and succeeded together.

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