How to get your CV in front of the pack

These days, more and more large companies are relying on technology to screen job candidates. Are you ready?



Driver shortage being addressed

Efforts to ease the driver shortage in the road transport industry has attracted significant numbers of female students to a Commercial Road Transport Programme being held at Manukau Institute of Technology.


A Millennial’s guide to managing anxiety

For a lot of us, anxiety is something we've had all our lives before we even knew what it was. This was and still is the case for your girl Bel, who like most of us, has experienced, and still lives with anxiety.

Pop Culture

Five Kiwis you should follow on Instagram

We're not talking about the ones with the most followers, like KJ Apa or Lorde. We're talking about regular Kiwis who have really taken their Insta game up a few levels and definitely deserve a follow. We've even snuck one of our own suggestions in there at the end, making it the SIX best accounts


Why finding international friends will broaden your mind

Will Cole befriends a German international student and discovers there is much to be learnt and gained from overseas cultures.

Edible art