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There’s a common misconception out there that if you’re a landscaper then you’re ‘just a labourer’. But landscaping can take you places.
Forestry – don’t judge it before you know it, says Blake Jones, who recently gained a Bachelor of Forestry Science with first class honours from the University of Canterbury.
Looking for a job that allowed him to work outside while interacting with other people, Caleb found plumbing to be made of just the right stuff.

Trucking along

"My dad’s rapt I’ve got this job!” laughs automotive apprentice Logan McConchie, who has a family history in the transport industry.

Smash hit

Glen Laurenson has been restoring beaten-up vehicles to their previous states for most of his adult life.

Meat mastery

Since beginning his butchery apprenticeship 31 years ago, Terry McKee has relished everything that his career has had to offer him.

A world of colour

Maile Koloto never saw painting as a profession in which he might excel, but after spending a summer mastering the trade full-time he’s taken quite a shine to it.
Kenny McCord started his journey into mechanical engineering with an apprenticeship, and hasn’t looked back since.

Plumb happy

Dave Bell has been an apprentice plumber for a few months now and is thrilled that he took the plunge into a great career.


Schools, businesses plan to ‘colour your day’ for Christchurch mosque victims

A 'Colour Your Day' movement designed to lift New Zealanders' spirits after the Christchurch mosque killings has taken off, with schools and businesses joining up around the country.