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Apprentices needed

Students spent the day being introduced to the wide variety of opportunities available in the industry.
A group of local school students have toured work sites today to see what working in the trades involved.
Otago Polytechnic has modified an existing productivity app, designed to make life easier for apprentices, their employers, and polytechnic staff.
Kicking off a trades career with an apprenticeship isn't the wild west scenario it used to be.
Young New Zealanders who take on apprenticeships or earn-as-you learn work programmes have an easier climb to the property ladder, say supporters of the sector.
If you needed further proof that a trade could be a lucrative career move, look no further than the Bay of Plenty.
As at November last year, there were 64 cranes on Auckland's skyline, more than in any of the 11 American cities tracked by the RLB Crane Index
EIT is responding to a shortage of plumbers and gas fitters in Hawke's Bay's with a pre-trades programme that saw all nine of 2016's graduates securing jobs in the industry.
A Rotorua scheme is empowering young apprentices fresh out of study.
Yianni knew exactly what he wanted to do after leaving secondary school, and through help of a family friend, landed work as a labourer with Right Angle Builders Ltd in Wellington.