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The latest in our series of Q&A career profiles of real people, doing real jobs is about Maggie Tweedy, who is a radio host.
The latest in our series of Q&A career profiles is about Riley, who is a film and television stuntperson.
TVNZ’s Katie Bradford is a familiar face on our television screens as a political reporter for 1News.
Nicole Evans has been singing for as long as she can remember, but she didn’t fall in love with classical music until she was 15 years old, during her years at Christchurch Girls’ High School. She performed in her very first opera in year 13, in the chorus for Canterbury Opera’s production of Turandot.
When Michelle Williams was 12 she had to choose between racing cars and cheerleading. She chose the latter and has not looked back, turning her childhood love into a career that has seen her win international titles. Now, she heIps others do the same.

Living to dance

A day in the life of a professional ballet dancer

Walking the walk

'I auditioned for a TV show called New Zealand’s Next Top Model (NZNTM) on a whim, and I ended up winning.' JETmag talks to Danielle Hayes about the best and worst bits about her career.
Traditional powerhouses netball and rugby are under threat as the most popular sports at New Zealand secondary schools, with basketball poised to dunk them both.
Hunt For The Wilderpeople star Julian Dennison has gone viral...again. This time for Australia
New Plymouth's Bowl of Brooklands will resonate to musical and cultural surprises again in 2018.


Joining forces: the life of an architectural aluminium joiner

The latest in our series of JETmag job profiles features Shevonne, who is an architectural aluminium joiner in Tokoroa.