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Big on biosecurity

Peter Weedon was in a job he wasn’t enjoying until he decided to transfer his skill set into a quarantine officer role.
The day-to-day role of an electrician varies and you become skilled in a variety of sectors

Dairying dream

In June this year Khan began a three-year contract as herd owner in a 50/50 sharemilker on a 180-cow dairy farm just out of Matamata. This essentially means that as owner of the cows, Khan is responsible for their production and health, while the other party owns the farm.

Kiwifruit overload

Christina Fullerton loved science at school, particularly biology and learning about plants. With the encouragement of some enthusiastic teachers at her school, Baradene College in Auckland, she decided fairly early on to make a career out of it.
It's the cirrrcle of liiiiiife
Winemaking is more about just tasting...
Looking for an outlet to draw all day? How about becoming a tattooist
Plastering, Gib stopping, everything to do with interior systems - we look at what a day in the life of a Plasterer looks like with our latest sector profile.
After eight years of managing the London Underground’s retail properties for Transport for London, Mark Hitchcock wasn’t sure what he’d do job-wise upon returning to Auckland after his extended OE.

Baby love

Baby love Name: Bonnie Hunter   Age: 29  Job: Midwife  City/town: Christchurch  What does your job entail? I am a lead maternity carer (LMC) midwife, working in the community. I am self-employed, with a caseload of women whom I look after throughout their pregnancies, births and until their babies are six weeks old. I care...


How to overcome senioritis

Are you a Year 13 student feeling unmotivated and uninterested by school? Do you want nothing more than to finish your high-school education? If so, you might have senioritis.

Life before Google