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Today is both an exciting and threatening time to begin to study for a degree. By Lawrence Watt
New Zealand is training a lot more doctors and nurses, but fewer accountants and teachers, as students seek out courses that will get them good jobs.
A growing digital skills shortage is sounding a warning bell to industry, government and the education sector, says New Zealand Digital Skills Forum chair Victoria MacLennan.
Final year student projects for Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Information Technology, Diploma in Architectural Technology and Graduate Diploma students from engineering and IT were showcased to the public yesterday in Wellington.
Not sure what to do after finishing school... maybe look into the tech sector! This fizzing industry is now the third-largest source of overseas revenue
With four businesses to his name and a ministerial award for innovation, Ashutosh Sharma has already achieved more than your typical 19-year-old.
The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries for job opportunities, according to job search site Seek.
New Zealand is not alone in struggling to attract women to the tech industry.
Five Rotorua Girls' High School students have won a trip to Belgium in the national Battle of Passchendaele competition.
No formal training or classes but Aniston Inger-Holland still manages 9th place in a online language RUSSIAN!


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