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With four businesses to his name and a ministerial award for innovation, Ashutosh Sharma has already achieved more than your typical 19-year-old.
The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries for job opportunities, according to job search site Seek.
New Zealand is not alone in struggling to attract women to the tech industry.
Five Rotorua Girls' High School students have won a trip to Belgium in the national Battle of Passchendaele competition.
No formal training or classes but Aniston Inger-Holland still manages 9th place in a online language RUSSIAN!
Imagine if humans could inhabit other planets or if earthly kingdoms could be won with kung fu...
On Monday May 8th, 12-year-old Amelia Lockley is taking a day off school and flying down to Parliament to teach New Zealand’s political leaders how to code, and to share the importance of teaching coding to all young New Zealanders.
New Zealand is facing a major shortage of IT experts to help small and medium-sized businesses benefit from exciting technological advances, says the head of Google New Zealand.
The eSports phenomenon is tearing through high schools across New Zealand.
Job advertisements on jobs website Seek were up 9.9 per cent in the year to August.


Theresa Gattung: New Zealand needs a strong pipeline of female talent

To become a CEO, it is hard for anyone, a man or a woman. It is still harder for women, but it is hard for anyone. You cannot do it overnight, you must be resilient and prepared to take risks. Theresa Gattung, former CE of Telecom New Zealand talks about shifting the dial on female CEOs