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On-the-job training provides a good alternative to university study for many and is helping to plug skill shortages in many sectors.

A passion for food

Avril Grant’s foodie career path started out in delicatessens. She got her “lucky break” when she landed a job with Ruth Pretty Catering and over the next 13 and a half years Ruth Pretty taught Avril everything she needed to know to be a chef.
Machaela Robbins says her HITO beauty therapy apprenticeship has been “rewarding and fun”.
New Zealand is training a lot more doctors and nurses, but fewer accountants and teachers, as students seek out courses that will get them good jobs.
New Zealand's next top models are being scouted straight out of Whanganui.
Beauty pageants aren't all about poise and grace! Chloe Manga says competing gives her a unique way to talk about indigenous issues and encourage young women to pursue their dreams. You go girl!
In her second year of her apprenticeship at Cathy Davys Hair Design and Day Spa in Wellington, Philly Anderton is beginning to experience the freedoms of a senior hairdresser, while still receiving mentorship from her colleagues.
Top hairdresser Ed Rapley says that if you have good time-management skills and can communicate well with people, hairdressing could be the career for you.
As glamorous as it sounds, there’s more hard work involved in the fashion world than you might think.
Meeting celebrities, travelling often, working with people and making them feel good sounds like the dream job. For makeup artist Kristen Stewart, it’s exactly that.


Why finding international friends will broaden your mind

Will Cole befriends a German international student and discovers there is much to be learnt and gained from overseas cultures.

Edible art