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The achievements of young leaders have been celebrated at the third biennial Whangarei Youth Awards.
One of the world's top talent scouting services is holding a seminar in Rotorua next month.
Toby Carr was just 14 when he started his tech company DeXTech. The teen entrepreneur is one of the young innovators speaking at next month's Festival for the Future in Auckland.
Inspiration Station: Senior business leader Joan Withers who has written a book about her life in the business world
From fidget spinners to hair ties, plant pots to scooter parks and flax flowers to windchimes, there was something to suit all tastes at Stratford Primary School's Build a Business Market Night last Wednesday.
Alexia Hilbertidou is the founder of Girlboss - but that's not all. Along with a host of other things, she's now also on NASA's radar
No formal training or classes but Aniston Inger-Holland still manages 9th place in a online language RUSSIAN!
Inspiration Station: Jayda Akuhata-Brown has her sights set on a bright future

Apprentices needed

Students spent the day being introduced to the wide variety of opportunities available in the industry.
Imagine if humans could inhabit other planets or if earthly kingdoms could be won with kung fu...