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All Beyonce (and Jay Z) fans will know that the husband and wife duo are gracing the world with a joint tour.
Nothing else will matter when you hear this cover of 'Nothing Else Matters'
Users have been infuriated ever since Instagram removed its much-loved chronological feed in favor of promoting popular posts.
“If I get a gig, I’m gonna go off like a cut snake.” Well he got the gig! Who will be tuning in to see if this true blue Aussie can find love
Choreographer, dancer & all round inspiration Parris Goebel has just written her first book - we get to know what she's really like (AMAZING) and what it's like working with A-list stars
When 12:30 rolls around the number one question is "what're you going to have for lunch?". Well, we may just have an answer! SHOE-SHI!!
Welcome to the jungle
If you're a fashion fan but don't happen to live in Auckland then you're in luck sistaaaah!
Hate the new snapchat? Here's how to get the old version back. You're welcome
Oh the shaaame - looks like our stalking days are up!


First woman gains civil trades certification

The first woman to complete her civil trades certification may soon be followed by another – her daughter.