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If you're worried about those *cough* accidental messages you sent to your ex and immediately regretted, you may just be able to take them all back with the latest Facebook update.
Imagine one of the worlds biggest superstars pulling you up onto stage in front of a crowd of thousands and thousands.
Can we have your attention please: IT’S OFFICIAL: EMINEM IS COMING TO NEW ZEALAND IN 2019 FOR ONE SHOW ONLY!
Kiwi beauty blogger ‘Shaaanxo’ has been featured on cosmetic queen and Forbes rich-lister Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story today to promote a new lipstick.
International Kiwi star choreographer, Parris Goebel has taken to social media to hint that she’s working with Kanye West on a new music video.
Must have a new record out...
Home and Away star Ray Meagher is packing his bags and saying farewell to Summer Bay after 30 years.
Rhythm & Vines have released their first line-up announcement for the New Years festival with Californian rapper Vince Staples as the headline act.
RnB singer Ms. Lauryn Hill is heading to New Zealand to celebrate 20 years since her acclaimed solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
We're not talking about the ones with the most followers, like KJ Apa or Lorde. We're talking about regular Kiwis who have really taken their Insta game up a few levels and definitely deserve a follow. We've even snuck one of our own suggestions in there at the end, making it the SIX best accounts