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All right, here we go. Pokemon Go. It added something ridiculous to the value of Nintendo in a 72-hour period when it was released a few weeks back. By ridiculous, I mean $9 billion.
Facebook has some hidden features that can be accessed with these tips and tricks.
App Store Official Charts for the week ending July 31, 2016.
THE Pokemon Go app has been getting locals out and about, though it appears there are positive and negative effects to weigh up.
SPOILER WARNING. It's about the bad guys.
When Kiwi Tom Currie quit his job as a barista to become a full-time Pokemon hunter he had no idea it could turn out to be the best career move he has ever made.
If you're an iPhone user and you enjoy your privacy then ya may want to update your iPhone like NOW, if you haven't already.
This list may come as a bit of a surprise!
Smartphone batteries barely last as it is, so anything that's fueling the battery decrease needs to be ditched where possible.
Instagram has made a fair few changes this year so far, but this proposed new feature will be it's best yet. 


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