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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will soon be trying to win over the boardrooms but for now she is in her Sandringham house surrounded by the usual paraphernalia of a newborn baby.
A few minutes after 8am on Saturday - and weather permitting - people in southern areas of the country should be able to view a rare celestial event called a selenelion. This occurred when an eclipsed moon could be seen...
They don't look for careers, but two-year projects. They expect flexible working arrangements so they can go to the gym in their lunch break, or work remotely. They prefer text or email to picking up the phone. They know what they want, want...
For a lot of us, anxiety is something we've had all our lives before we even knew what it was. This was and still is the case for your girl Bel, who like most of us, has experienced, and still lives with anxiety.
YouTube sensation announces wedding.
How much is too much? Blogger Kate talks about why ‘taking every opportunity’ isn't always the best advice
Students from Manurewa High School, in south Auckland, have found online fame after their incredible 90s-inspired hip hop routine went viral on Facebook.
Going 48 hours without your phone won’t kill you, but using a phone while driving might.
Australian makeup retailer Mecca is moving out of its Auckland CBD store and into the former Topshop site on the corner of Queen and Victoria Sts.
Talking to yourself used to be considered the first sign of madness. But not anymore!


First woman gains civil trades certification

The first woman to complete her civil trades certification may soon be followed by another – her daughter.