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Kiwi Riverdale star KJ Apa has taken to Instagram to express his opinion on Israel Folau’s controversial comments about homosexuality.
Did you know if your selfie is taken in public and it includes other people, Facebook can also cross-reference the faces, using facial recognition technology, to know information about everyone included in the picture.
Sometimes, life can get a little too much. With daily struggles it’s easy to get overwhelmed, or start to feel down and for a lot of us reaching out for help when things get tough. But now there’s an easier way - here's what to do.
First week into flatting?? Learning to cook is vitally important! Find out the tricks to what makes a fried egg great
Grab your Netflix and chill buddy cause there's a lot of new shows!
Recent Victoria University of Wellington PhD graduate Dr Madeleine Brocklesby is one of the first to acknowledge that nobody’s perfect—and her research shows we should be putting less pressure on young people to strive for unattainable ideals of perfection.
Rotorua's Cody Jarvie has made the finals of the Mr Gay New Zealand contest for the second year running and this year is focused on suicide prevention.
Derp - A recent study has revealed that admitting to your dumb moments might actually reveal that you're a smart person!
Would you eat a bullied burger? "Bullying Jr" is Burger King's latest PSA and it's the centrepiece of a campaign to fight bullying.
When 22-year-old Muslim student Azizi Anis Amalina came to New Zealand from Malaysia last year, she found herself in a totally different world.


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Remind yourself that everyone got their start somehow, so if they managed to figure it out, then so can you.