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After the great success of Mecca Maxima stores opening in Wellington and Christchurch, the cosmetics store is now opening a third store!
Don't be duped into circulating a hoax message warning not to accept friend requests from a Jayden K Smith.
Mariah Herbert, 20, grew up in Kaitaia. She lost her sister to suicide in 2008, a friend to suicide last year and has attempted suicide twice herself.
Instagram are shutting down the bullies
Schoolboys have turned up for class dressed in skirts in protest over a no-shorts uniform policy, despite the heatwave.
There is nothing more rewarding than holding a fidget spinner and flicking it till it spins smoothly in your hand. Or is there?
At Sexual Consent Awareness Day at Mt Roskill Grammar School, students are helping to overturn myths.
Doesn’t life just seem so terrifying recently? We have so much hatred in this world that it is basically impossible to escape.
It's the 'harmless' disease involving lots of snot that everyone gets, but there's never been any cure - the common cold is just something you have to go through every year. But, with winter now definitely upon us, a big new study seems to point to Vitamin D as a winner in fighting one of humanity's most annoying foes.
You've put in some serious slog, you've basically said 'no' to any form of social life for the last decade, and you feel as prepped for tomorrow's exam as you possibly can be. And then...