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Students from Manurewa High School, in south Auckland, have found online fame after their incredible 90s-inspired hip hop routine went viral on Facebook.
Going 48 hours without your phone won’t kill you, but using a phone while driving might.
Australian makeup retailer Mecca is moving out of its Auckland CBD store and into the former Topshop site on the corner of Queen and Victoria Sts.
Talking to yourself used to be considered the first sign of madness. But not anymore!
Physical activity in teenagers significantly reduces the likelihood of depression, a study has found.
Kiwi Riverdale star KJ Apa has taken to Instagram to express his opinion on Israel Folau’s controversial comments about homosexuality.
Did you know if your selfie is taken in public and it includes other people, Facebook can also cross-reference the faces, using facial recognition technology, to know information about everyone included in the picture.
Sometimes, life can get a little too much. With daily struggles it’s easy to get overwhelmed, or start to feel down and for a lot of us reaching out for help when things get tough. But now there’s an easier way - here's what to do.
First week into flatting?? Learning to cook is vitally important! Find out the tricks to what makes a fried egg great
Grab your Netflix and chill buddy cause there's a lot of new shows!


How volunteering can help your career

This week, as volunteers are celebrated for the contributions they make to our communities, it’s an apt time to remember that volunteering brings benefits to those giving their time too.