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In a bid to endorse Māori culture in the media, former Whanganui Kokohuia student, Leigh-Marama McLachlan, pursued a career in broadcast journalism and landed a job with Radio New Zealand.
The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries for job opportunities, according to job search site Seek.
She's only 18, but Sydney business student Sherry Jia already earns more than $100,000 a year just from shopping in her spare time.
Can't decide on a creative or technical future? Why not look into Architecture. Offering opportunities to be creative while also developing technical skills and analytical thinking.
A new social record site was launched today to help young people interact and share achievements, information and ideas with prospective employers, peers, schools, education providers and youth workers.
Be prepared for anything and everything: Here's what not to do in a job interview.
A new Federated Farmers Dairy Apprentice Scheme is intended to set the industry benchmark for entry level training in the sector.
On Monday the Industry Training Federation (ITF) announced the 'Got a trade? Got it made!' campaign, intended to reach out to young people with the message that there's more than one way to launch a career.
One of the country's largest training organisations has set up a temporary classroom in Rotorua's Pukuatua St teaching students bike mechanic skills.
New Zealand is not alone in struggling to attract women to the tech industry.


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