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Remind yourself that everyone got their start somehow, so if they managed to figure it out, then so can you.
Here's what you should NOT be listening to when it comes to finding a job.
The traditional way to get a job – see a vacancy advertised, send in your CV and cover letter, be interviewed, have your references checked and bingo, you’re hired – is constantly evolving. As the internet pervades every aspect of our lives, the job hunt is no exception.
What's the future of banking? The stigma of it being traditional and boring is over - a technology injection is bringing a host of new jobs and necessary skill sets.
One of the hardest things about choosing a potential career is knowing what industries and skills will be in demand by the time you’ve completed your tertiary studies. Raewyn Court reports.
A new employment website filled with news, tips, advice, trends and insights from key industry groups, YUDU officially launches today.
From pulling pints to unblocking pipes, Halley Edgar has no regrets about giving up her bartending job to study to become a plumber. Nor is she phased about being a female in a male-dominated industry.
Safer communities together - New Zealand Police is recognising International Women's Day by preparing for the arrival of 42 female recruits
Think you're a bit of a snazzy writer? Fancy a career in media, journalism or communications? We want you!
As the world of work changes so are some of our long-held beliefs around skills and careers. By Donna McIntyre


Svhool Leaver: The paradox that comes with getting your first job

Getting a job straight out of school, landing a job once you have done a degree or a training course, getting an apprenticeship, and often even getting a part-time job - the message is simple: having a job makes getting a job way easier.