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Alexia Hilbertidou is the founder of Girlboss - but that's not all. Along with a host of other things, she's now also on NASA's radar

Apprentices needed

Students spent the day being introduced to the wide variety of opportunities available in the industry.
A group of local school students have toured work sites today to see what working in the trades involved.
Making a typo or spelling mistake on a job application or CV is an easy error to make and an easy one to avoid, but still, most of us are guilty.
"Women are... both underrepresented and underpaid in numerous fields such as business, science, technology, and engineering."
Property firm Apartmint is using virtual reality in its daily operations. Owner and manager Craig Watkins shares his thoughts on competition and the market.
When she nearly died in the Christchurch earthquake, Alex Steele was shocked into thinking about what she had done with her life. She decided to become a nurse.
Prime Minister Bill English says the British Conservative Party's new plans to clamp down on immigration will sting New Zealanders wanting to live in the UK, including on the traditional OE, but there is little he can do until Brexit is completed.
No matter the field or profession you are about to enter, the key to success is maintaining a positive attitude, willingness to learn and being authentic.
Turns out that maybe your mean boss isn't getting a buzz out of being horrible.