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Are you being blocked - find out what the signs are
It can feel like a bit of a gnarly subject, but there are ways to make it easier.
Making a typo or spelling mistake on a job application or CV is an easy error to make and an easy one to avoid, but still, most of us are guilty.
You've put in some serious slog, you've basically said 'no' to any form of social life for the last decade, and you feel as prepped for tomorrow's exam as you possibly can be. And then...
We know this isn't what you want to hear, but according to onto it students who signed up for summer school, it's a) not as bad as you might think, and b) you get the payoff when you're super prepared for the year ahead!
Thousands of students around the country are probably finding that their first year in tertiary education has become, well, just life. When reality starts to bite, it's helpful to seek the wisdom of those who've been there, done that. Theo Larmer-Cottle is just such a jaded second-year veteran.
A new series of informative safety videos have been created to ensure international students living in Auckland are aware of the full range of support services available to them.
A young Kiwi entrepreneur has put his study skills to the test and set up a business to help other students pass their exams.
You're probably slowly killing your phone. 
Don't be 'that' person. As a former recruiter, I have interviewed thousands of people for all manner of roles. I noticed that many candidates would do the same things to negatively impact their chances of progressing through to the next stage.