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Remind yourself that everyone got their start somehow, so if they managed to figure it out, then so can you.
Here's what you should NOT be listening to when it comes to finding a job.
The traditional way to get a job – see a vacancy advertised, send in your CV and cover letter, be interviewed, have your references checked and bingo, you’re hired – is constantly evolving. As the internet pervades every aspect of our lives, the job hunt is no exception.
Thought job interviews were all about your future employer asking you questions? Think again.
One of the hardest things about choosing a potential career is knowing what industries and skills will be in demand by the time you’ve completed your tertiary studies. Raewyn Court reports.

Soft skills key

How well do universities and polytechnics prepare you for the workplace? Will the jobs students are trained to do even be there in a decade’s time, a few years after they graduate? These are difficult questions, with concern about even doctors and lawyers being replaced, or augmented, by artificial intelligence, and too many young people training in areas like law, but not enough in others.
Two free workshops for Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga youth aim to encourage problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking and ways of turning ideas into action.
You ARE the CEO of your life. Take control of your behavior & of your life :)
After analysing tens of thousands of job applications, an Australian job site says it's finally found an example of the perfect CV.
There will be joy, there will be surprise and there will be stress when NCEA exam results are released today - but one education expert says grades are becoming less important for Kiwi students’ post-high school success.