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There’s university, of course. Most people know what that is. But where do polytechnics (ITPs), industry training organisations (ITOs), private training establishments (PTEs), and wānanga fit into the picture? Here JETmag explains the differences.
Here's a list of some of the most affordable countries if you're planning on studying overseas, because cheaper is always better when you're a student.
It’s a common misconception that you have to be a genius to get any sort of scholarship.
Congratulations! You’re about to finish school, and no doubt every adult in your life will have advised you on what your next steps should be. There’s an expectation that you’ll go on to further study, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a world of possibilities out there!


How to become a midwife

Do you want to make a contribution to the community and start a career in midwifery? Here’s what you need to know about how to become a midwife.

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