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New technology is freeing up teachers from mundane tasks.
The Government proposes a new national institute to take over all 16 polytechnics and manage most apprentices and industry trainees. Here's how it would affect you.
Not everyone is suited to the academic life.
More than 3000 students have been hit by a computer glitch which left many "stressed out" in their first big external exam.
Girls who play video games are three times more likely to choose physical science, technology, engineering or maths degrees compared to their non-gaming counterparts, according to new research.
It’s an urban myth that an arts degree leads nowhere, say leading humanities and social science academics. And that’s backed up by research from around the world. By Diana Clement.
Otago Polytechnic students will be brewing up lager and pale ale at their new facility in Cromwell - which has just been officially named the Rough Rock Brewing Company.
A new study uncovering the real cost of tertiary education clearly demonstrates New Zealand's industry training and apprenticeship system is the education sector's hidden gem.
Internationally acclaimed New Zealand singer/songwriter Hollie Smith, described as “the reigning queen of Aotearoa soul” has joined Wintec’s School of Media Arts to mentor and teach music students.
A new programme helps students set up a business, learn about the future of work, entrepreneurship and idea generation, and develop the necessary 21st-century skills.