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Education is a beautiful yet torturous concept which has remained relatively unchanged throughout history: students go to their classes, are taught to regurgitate information by their teachers, are instructed to do some homework, to complete a few exams, and...
Struggling to push through the final hurdles of the school year? Will Cole talks of the importance to keep going and reach the goal at the end.
Whatever the reason, whether it was because of procrastination, being busy, sick days, ‘sick days’, or just zoning out period 5 last week, you are now drowning in work. Here’s a quick guide on how to salvage the situation.
Will explains why it is wrong for us to assume that everybody speaks English and it is worse to assume that everybody should learn English.
It’s easy to slip into a pattern of laziness. Motivation is what can get you out of it. Let’s discuss some sources of motivation, and how it can help you to achieve your goals.
Last year, an opportunity came up for me to be involved in a design project. I would get to help create a custom notebook/reflection journal for an upcoming student leadership conference, working with graphic designers, coming up with content,...
In the past couple of years of my life, I have learned more skills than I ever have before. This has been as high school has been coming to a close and increasing pressures have forced many of us,...
What is Year 13 really like? Are there any perks or disadvantages of being in your final year of high school?
Will Cole befriends a German international student and discovers there is much to be learnt and gained from overseas cultures.
Kate might have just solved everything: No money = no impulse Kmart purchases! Here she talks about how to save money whilst still in high school.


First woman gains civil trades certification

The first woman to complete her civil trades certification may soon be followed by another – her daughter.