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Are you a Year 13 student feeling unmotivated and uninterested by school? Do you want nothing more than to finish your high-school education? If so, you might have senioritis.
The thing about bridges is that they’re much more effective when built from both sides. Kate Morris says it should be about teamwork however currently thinks politicians have zero need to appeal to young people.
Blogger Sarah discusses how 5 minutes of meditation per day can be life-changing for students.

Dear Year 11’s

Term 3 is finally over! Kate congratulates our collective year 11's on making this far and offers up some serious advice-y stuff like only a year 12 can.
As we have made our way further into the 21st century, technology continues to play a larger part in our lives day in and day out.
You know that feeling, like you’re strung so tight you’re just about to snap? It’s nearing the end of term three. Taking just 5 minutes to stop and calm down can make a world of difference explains blogger Kate.

Women in education

This week, Sarah blogs about opportunities and of the access to education for women. A right - that wasn’t present a century or so ago.
It’s that time of year again! A time of uncertainty, of stress, of questioning your future - it’s time to pick subjects for next year.
Choosing a career doesn’t have to be confusing and nerve-wracking. Here is some advice, from an indecisive student who has managed to pick a career path she is content with. Are you a Year 13 (or younger - or perhaps...
NCEA has been a hot topic in the news lately, thanks to the Government’s review. Endless opinions have been offered up from teachers, from principals, from employers, from parents, from the government. However what seems to be missing, as...