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The opening week of the much-anticipated 2016 Rio Olympics has been a fairly exciting one.
Feeling a bit stressed recently? Take a break, says blogger Khris, and focus on you.
If you thought internals were bad… you’ve got a storm coming. Here’s one method of surviving exam season.
Whether you are already in work, or are looking to enter the workforce for the very first time, you may like to consider the idea of ‘temporary’ work!
It's not about highlighting everything despite how fun and therapeutic it may be. Ana Mascara has got some great tips on how to summarise those all-important notes effectively.
You know that feeling, like you’re strung so tight you’re just about to snap? It’s nearing the end of term three. Taking just 5 minutes to stop and calm down can make a world of difference explains blogger Kate.
JETmag blogger Will Cole shares his first impressions of life outside New Zealand as he begins his law degree at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.
Last year, an opportunity came up for me to be involved in a design project. I would get to help create a custom notebook/reflection journal for an upcoming student leadership conference, working with graphic designers, coming up with content,...
Kate might have just solved everything: No money = no impulse Kmart purchases! Here she talks about how to save money whilst still in high school.
The end of school is a relief for many – all those exams finished, no more school uniform, and finally having freedom! But for some, the responsibilities of adult life – whether at uni or in a full-time job – can be crushing.


How to become a midwife

Do you want to make a contribution to the community and start a career in midwifery? Here’s what you need to know about how to become a midwife.

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