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Are you being blocked - find out what the signs are
The achievements of young leaders have been celebrated at the third biennial Whangarei Youth Awards.
Snapchat shocked the world in the past few weeks by rolling out an update which allows users to track, using location services, where exactly their snapchat buddies are in real time.
Mariah Herbert, 20, grew up in Kaitaia. She lost her sister to suicide in 2008, a friend to suicide last year and has attempted suicide twice herself.
Doesn’t life just seem so terrifying recently? We have so much hatred in this world that it is basically impossible to escape.
It normally falls to succeeding generations to clean up the mess made by their elders.
JETmag blogger Nicole Ashby takes us through the places that make her wishlist, for when she can finally board that jetliner. 
It may have happened a while ago now, but it's an issue that everyone saw and heard about. On April 9th 2017, your newsfeed would've been filled with only one thing: disturbing footage of security personnel physically dragging a United Airlines passenger off an overbooked flight.
Steven Walton reminds us we should try to remember human decency when faced with senseless violence. 
Steven Walton wonders why so many seem to support lowering the voting age.