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Meet Alexia Hilbertidou, literal GirlBoss

Alexia Hilbertidou is the founder of Girlboss - but that's not all. Along with a host of other things, she's now also on NASA's radar

Apprentices needed

Students spent the day being introduced to the wide variety of opportunities available in the industry.


Young Whangarei man wins scholarship to study in China

Whangarei's Jack Robinson has been awarded a scholarship which will see him travel to Beijing to study law


Wintec research analyses foreign drivers

Wintec is working on the problem of the best way to prevent accidents involving foreign drivers, who are unfamiliar with our conditions.

Apprentice app makes learning on the job easier for all

Otago Polytechnic has modified an existing productivity app, designed to make life easier for apprentices, their employers, and polytechnic staff.

Location, location, (virtual) location! Virtual reality set to change the face...

Property firm Apartmint is using virtual reality in its daily operations. Owner and manager Craig Watkins shares his thoughts on competition and the market.

The trade advantage

Kicking off a trades career with an apprenticeship isn't the wild west scenario it used to be.

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