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Blog: Why making international friendships will broaden your mind

Will Cole befriended a German international student and discovered there is much to be learned and gained from overseas cultures.


The beauty of earning while you’re learning

Apprentice Rhys Gwyther is relishing the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time.

Student to probe labour shortages in agri-food sector

A young North Otago woman is planning a research project to probe the cause of labour shortages in the agri-food sector.



Passing up university to take on an apprenticeship

Alex Wood says taking on a trade was the best thing he could have done.

How your attitude can change the course of your life

As a former plumbing apprentice himself, Blake Ingram is keen to have apprentices on his crew today.

The woman challenging the ideals of what a great scaffolder should...

Maggie Myocevich became the first woman to sign on for a NZ Scaffolding Apprenticeship.

There’s more to plumbing than you think

Nikita Ward is in her third year of a plumbing apprenticeship and loving it.

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